Transitions Subtiles: Seuil encastré en sol

A hidden threshold with flooring is a design solution that integrates different areas or different types of flooring on the same level, eliminating visible edges and irregularities.


The hidden threshold with flooring is an evolution in design that emphasises clean lines and fluid transitions between the different zones.

Levelling the ground between the interior and exterior creates a feeling of spaciousness that circulates freely without visual barriers. This concept is not only pleasing to the eye, it also reflects a modern, minimalist approach that values simplicity and visual harmony.

The hidden thresholds with flooring increase not only the physical spaces, but also the visual and psychological depth of the rooms.

This continuity stimulates a perception of freedom and expansion, where the traditional boundaries of space are challenged. In homes, this can transform the way living areas are connected to each other, encouraging greater interaction and flexibility in the use of spaces. The application of the continuity aesthetic is particularly effective when it comes to integrating interior spaces with nature. The smooth transition between inside and outside breaks down the conventional boundaries imposed by walls and windows, inviting natural elements into the interior environment.

This solution not only improves the aesthetic and functional quality of spaces, but also promotes the well-being of users, facilitating closer and more constant contact with the natural environment.


The elimination of physical barriers is essential for improving accessibility and mobility in spaces. For people with reduced mobility, this is even more important.

En nivelant le sol et en adoptant des seuils dissimulés, on crée une circulation plus sûre et plus autonome, essentielle tant dans les environnements résidentiels que dans les espaces publics.


The construction of hidden thresholds with flooring requires special attention during planning and construction. Aspects such as watertightness, particularly at transitions to the outside, and the choice of materials compatible with both sides of the transition are essential to guarantee the durability and functionality of the project.

The collaboration between architects, interior designers and builders is essential to solve these technical problems and achieve the desired result.

At Futura, all our windows are equipped with a drainage system integrated into the frame.

The lower profile of the structure is placed below ground level and covered with the same material as the surrounding area.

Unlike traditional thresholds, which are clearly visible, hidden thresholds with flooring have been designed to blend discreetly into the floor.

This option of Futura Slide is particularly advantageous in environments seeking a minimalist aesthetic, as it is a more subtle way of creating separation between rooms.



Mixing the best of both worlds, the Futura Minimal sliding window offers great thermal and acoustic performance while getting beautiful, large, nearly invisible framed windows without sacrificing comfort.

41 dB

Acoustic isolation

Class 7A


Class 4

Air permeability

Class B4

Wind resistance