In a small town located in the south of France, there is a construction project with its minimalist aesthetics achieved through our ultra-thin aluminum frames.

futura minimal


open, slide & monobloc


march '23


aluminium frames

About the project

For this project, located in Brignoles, a small town in the south of France, this house stands out as an emblem of modernity rooted in a historic and rural scenario. The choice of contemporary, minimalist architecture is not merely aesthetic, but a statement of how the new can coexist with the traditional in a harmonious way.

The southern region of France is known for its stunning landscapes, which include vineyards, lavender fields and ancient villages that seem to have stood still in time. The clean lines and simplicity of the structure complement, rather than compete with, the organic complexity of the landscape. The use of large glass panels not only maximises the entry of natural light, but also eliminates the boundaries between inside and outside, allowing the owners to experience the changing of the seasons and the serene beauty of the region.

The minimalist style of the architecture also captures the tranquillity of the small towns in the south of France, known for their calm and closeness to nature. The design, focused on practicality and simplicity, creates calm spaces that reflect the tranquillity of the region.

Integrating our window frames into this project not only reflects the beauty of contemporary architecture, but also enhances the unique natural character of the town of Brignoles.