In the south of France, there is an ongoing project that features Futura Minimal Slide, a minimalist profile that prioritizes breathtaking views of the sea and mountains.

futura minimal




august '21


aluminium frames

About the project

Located in Labruyère in the Hautes de France, this project is a celebration of modern architecture, designed not only to stand out but also to respect and complement the area's historical heritage and natural beauty. The residence is a harmonious example of how modernism can be adapted to reflect and incorporate the essence of its surroundings, creating a deep and respectful connection with the site.

The choice of straight lines and pure forms is an allusion to the clarity of the northern French sky, while the large glazed surfaces capture the region's soft light, a precious feature in the northernmost lands. The neutral colour palette and natural materials were carefully selected to complement Labruyère's verdant landscape, allowing the house to integrate subtly into its surroundings.

The strategic use of glass, especially in the Slide windows, not only emphasises the modern design but also connects the internal spaces to the outside. This design choice allows the rooms to open up completely to the outside environment, extending the feeling of space and promoting an even deeper integration with the nature of the Altos de France, making the residents feel truly part of the setting in which they are inserted.

In this way, the Labruyère Project is more than just an example of modern architecture, it is also a reverence for the balanced relationship between human creativity and the natural beauty of the Hautes de France.