Located in the northeast of France, there is a project in development that has the potential to be a true showstopper in our portefolio.

The minimalist design of the profiles and the natural beauty of the surrounding area come together. Our profiles are made of highly resistant and durable aluminum.

futura minimal


slide & open


april '22


aluminium frames

About the project

Located in the north-east of France, this project stands out for its minimalist approach, where architecture and nature come together. The predominance of glass facades is not just a choice based on appeal, but a manifestation of the minimalist style that defines it. This design, characterised by simple lines and a neutral colour palette, maximises transparency and natural light.

The extensive use of glass on the facades allows for a unique interaction between the interior and exterior, breaking down the conventional barriers that separate the house from its surroundings. This architectural element not only visually expands internal spaces, but also promotes a direct connection with nature, ensuring that every view is a living canvas.

In addition to aesthetics, glass plays a crucial role in the sustainability of the project. Abundant natural light reduces the need for artificial lighting during the day, while the intelligent design of the façades ensures efficient thermal insulation, balancing the internal temperature and reducing energy consumption.

The integration of technology, such as the motorised Futura Slide window frames, further reinforces the commitment to innovation and comfort. This solution not only facilitates the operation of the large glass façades, but also adds a touch of sophistication and modernity to the project.

This project is a celebration of minimalism, where every element is carefully considered.