This project in Braga combines minimalist frames with an architectural approach that aims to flood the house with natural light. Futura Slide windows allow for smooth transitions and large glazing areas adding transparency and brightness, while Futura Open windows connect the interior and exterior.

futura minimal


slide & open


may '23


aluminium frames

About the project

In this project in Braga, the architectural approach stands out for maximizing the entry of natural light.

 The choice of large, minimalist windows allows for a direct and fluid connection between indoor and outdoor spaces, creating a sense of continuity and space essential to contemporary design. Every detail of the project was thought out so that natural light becomes a central element in the composition of the spaces. Common areas, such as the living room and kitchen, benefit from large openings that allow generous light to enter, illuminating spaces evenly and efficiently.

The bedrooms and other private spaces are also designed with large windows offering panoramic views and constant natural lighting. The strategic placement of the windows and the choice of bright and reflective materials contribute to the feeling of luminosity throughout the house, as well as enhancing the decor.

With Futura Slide and Futura Open windows, the house benefits from optimized lighting, greater energy efficiency and a perfect visual connection between the interior and exterior.