Located in the southwest of France, this minimalist project stands out with its modern architecture. It features two systems: a minimalist sliding window and a pivot monobloc door.

futura minimal


slide & pivot




aluminium frames

About the project

Project 51-18 represents the essence of minimalist and functional design, reflecting the principles of modern architecture with its simple structure and straight lines. These elements blend in perfectly with the surrounding environment, exemplifying the harmony between building and nature, a central concept in modern architecture.

The abundance of large windows, a signature feature of this style of architecture, maximises the entry of natural light and strengthens the connection with the outdoors, ensuring that every space is replete with light. This visual and functional integration with the surrounding environment reflects the modern approach of uniting internal spaces with the outdoors.

Internally, the open layout reinforces the modernist idea of fluidity and flexibility in living spaces, promoting a feeling of spaciousness and prioritising the circulation of the inhabitants. This concept is complemented by attention to detail, high quality and sustainable finishes and materials, reflecting this architectural style's commitment to innovation and environmental responsibility.

The large, functional Slide windows bathe the spaces in natural light and offer unobstructed views, connecting the interior to the landscape outside. The pivot door is an innovative design element that adds a touch of elegance to the residence and allows for a wide opening.

The fusion of these elements ensures that Project 51-18 stands out not only for its appearance, but also as an environment that integrates naturally and elegantly into its context.