This project in Saint-Rémy de Provence combines minimalism and Scandinavian interior design. Futura Slide allows for smooth transitions, Futura Pivot Glass adds transparency and light to the home, and Futura Open emphasizes functionality with a simple design.

futura minimal


slide, pivot & open


december '23


aluminium frames

About the project

On the sunny French Riviera, Scandinavian decor finds its unique expression. By combining the simplicity of this interior design style with the contemporary architecture of the region, creating spaces that are simultaneously practical and welcoming.

The local architecture, with its simple lines and large windows and openings to the outside, offer a perfect setting for scandinavian design. Windows and sliding doors facilitate the entry of natural light and contact with the outside, while materials such as wood and stone create a serene environment.

Futura products play an important role. Futura Slide windows, Futura Pivot Glass doors and Futura Open tilt-and-turn windows fit perfectly into the minimalist aesthetic of scandinavian design.