This project features a minimalist concept house with Futura Slide, combined with exceptional taste in decoration.

futura minimal


slide & open


september '22


aluminium frames

About the project

The architecture of this residence is the perfect balance between time and space, where timeless charm meets modern simplicity. On the exterior, the house pays homage to the classic lines of the Mediterranean style with its tiled roofs, whitewashed walls and graceful arches that evoke a sense of history and permanence.

In contrast to the classic look of the exterior, the interior of the house reveals a contemporary style. Simple lines, open spaces and a monochrome colour palette create an atmosphere of tranquillity and modern order. The design is free of excess, letting the architectural details and the quality of the materials speak for themselves.

The Futura window frames in this project serve as a link between the mediterranean exterior design and the modern, minimalist interior. Without imposing itself, it allows natural light to be a bridge between the two styles, emphasising the simplicity of the interior and respecting the traditional aesthetics of the facade.