This character-filled project showcases an Italian concept house and decoration, along with our Futura Slide system.

futura minimal




august '21


aluminium frames

About the project

In this project in Ventabren, natural light is not only a functional element, but also an artistic centrepiece that defines both the mood and the identity of the residence.

Through a design that values utility and beauty equally, the architecture integrates harmoniously with the surrounding landscape, allowing natural light to play an active role in shaping the interior spaces.

The large sliding windows in the Futura Slide line reduce the barriers between indoors and outdoors, establishing a fluidity that visually expands living spaces. These strategically positioned windows promote the free circulation of light, flooding every nook and cranny with a clarity that emphasises the texture and shape of the materials chosen, while maintaining a more sober and fresh tone.

The Futura Open windows also offer a wide and versatile opening, not only optimising the entry of natural light, but also smoothing the transition to the outside areas. This characteristic extends the feeling of space, while at the same time introducing a touch of coolness to the environment, reinforcing the feeling of calm and serenity.