An amazing project which promises an amazing renovation

futura minimal




november '23


aluminium frames

About the project

In this project, the architecture is characterized by its simplicity and minimalism, prioritizing an uncomplicated approach and a simplified aesthetic, characteristics that refer to the timeless elegance of the Mediterranean style.

The facade of the residence, with its clean lines and balanced volumes, evokes a feeling of tranquility and harmony, reflecting the surrounding landscape and integrating perfectly into its context.

The deliberate choice for a minimalist aesthetic is not just a matter of style, but a philosophy that permeates the entire project. Each element was carefully considered to highlight the beauty of the essential, eliminating the superfluous and focusing on the quality of the space, the purity of the lines and the interaction with natural light.

Futura window frames, although discreet, play a crucial role in this architectural narrative. Designed to maximize the entry of light and strengthen the connection with the outside, it perfectly complements the minimalist vision of the house.

The framing solutions not only reinforce the stripped aesthetic but also highlight the functionality and fluidity of the spaces, ensuring a smooth transition between the interior and the external environment