Discover this stunning house that embodies modern architecture and show an exquisite taste in decoration. The minimal aluminum frames offer an unobstructed view to the exterior, while a magnificent pivot door adds elegance and sophistication.

futura minimal


slide, pivot & open


may '23


aluminium frames

About the project

This project in Guimarães is an exceptional example of modern architecture intelligently applied to a two-storey house. The clean, minimalist design not only defines the aesthetics of the house, but also emphasises its functionality.

On the ground floor are essential utility areas: the garage, the engine room and the storage room. This careful organisation ensures that all the house's support functions are accessible and well organised, maintaining order and efficiency without compromising the overall aesthetics of the home. The presence of these spaces on the ground floor underlines an architectural plan that prioritises practicality, ensuring that the living area remains free and unobstructed.

The top floor is where domestic life takes place, with spaces designed for socialising, relaxing and entertaining. The separation of functional and living areas between the two floors is a clear example of how modern architecture can be applied to improve quality of life, providing privacy and comfort where it is most needed.

Elements such as the pivot door not only add a touch of elegance, but also facilitate the transition between different parts of the house, reinforcing the sense of fluidity and openness that is central to modern design.

Complementing this feeling, the Futura window frames, with their minimalist design, maximise the entry of natural light and visual integration with the external environment, increasing even further the feeling of space and continuity between the internal and external environments.

This project shows that even with the inclusion of utilitarian spaces on the ground floor, it is possible to maintain a refined and modern aesthetic, where every detail is designed to combine functionality with style.