Société Futura Minimal

Who are we?

Futura Minimal appartient au Groupe Joti et c’est la nouvelle marque de menuiserie minimalistes en aluminium. Notre engagement est basé sur l’innovation, la qualité et le luxe. Avec Futura Minimal, vous trouverez la solution parfaite pour le cadre de votre projet architectural. Joti est l’une des entreprises les plus influentes dans l’industrie des cadres en aluminium, avec une forte présence en France et au Portugal.

Founded in 1978, more than 45 years ago, the company has developed expertise in manufacturing aluminum solutions for the residential and commercial markets. The company is renowned for its durable, efficient and aesthetically pleasing products. The new Futura Minimal brand demonstrates the JOTI Group's desire to continue to innovate and offer high-quality solutions for the most demanding architectural projects.

Société Futura Minimal


Futura Minimal has embarked on a mission to redefine elegance and sophistication through their exquisite collection of minimalist aluminum frames. With a deeply rooted belief in the power of simplicity and impeccable craftsmanship, we aim to bring true luxury to the forefront. 

Futura's commits itself to exceptional quality, reflected in the selection of noble materials, guaranteeing durability and minimalist aesthetics. Each piece is carefully crafted, demonstrating dedication and prioritizing quality over quantity. Futura Minimal aspires to set new standards of elegance in the industry, creating timeless pieces of incomparable beauty.

Société Futura Minimal

Environment & Sustainability

Futura Minimal, an incredible luxury brand and its minimalist aluminum joinery, is strongly committed to sustainability. With a constant concern for the environment and individuals, we favor the use of sustainable materials throughout our production process. By carefully choosing environmentally friendly alternatives, we reduce our ecological footprint and ensure a positive environmental impact. 

Futura Minimal strives to create a more sustainable future for future generations, without ever compromising our high standards of luxury and elegance in our minimalist frames.

Société Futura Minimal


Futura Minimal, a luxury brand of minimalist aluminum frames, imagines a future where innovation and design propel them to the forefront of the industry. With a relentless quest for progress, they lead the way, constantly pushing boundaries and exceeding expectations. Adopting advanced technology and minimalist design. 

Futura Minimal sets new standards for elegance and sophistication. Their commitment to quality materials and avant-garde design ensures that our frames stand out in a constantly evolving market. Step into the future with Futura Minimal. You will love it!